A product of the vibrant Haitian Caribbean nation of Haiti, author Ederson Lambert is an individual who has been influenced by many overarching cultures and experiences. It all started when Ederson Lambert migrated to the United States at the tender age of 9 with his his sister and brother. He lived his very early years in the small Florida town of Immokalee, near Naples where he attended several elementary schools starting with Pinecrest elementary, and then on to Lake Trafford elementary. After living with his aunt and Grandmother, his mother decided to leave Immokalee in order to find better work opportunities in the big city. So she up and moved to Miami with her three children. Ederson was going in the 6th grade that year and went on to attend North Dade Middle School while living in neighborhood of Opa Locka with his aunt before moving permanently to Little Haiti, a predominantly Haitian section of Miami. Growing up in the inner city streets of Miami were needless to say challenging for Ederson and his family, but he never stopped believing in his dreams. He was determined to not be a statistic of his environment. His upbringing in those years were tough, but his drive and perseverance allowed him to overcome those many challenges and which eventually propelled him to a 20 year career in the US Navy. A US Navy Veteran who grew up in Miami, Florida in the Little Haiti Community, Ederson’s experiences there has made him an advocate for those who are going through the challenges he has faced in the past. Little Haiti is a neighborhood which he loves and is rooted in even today when he is distant from Miami. Ederson can be said to be a true son of his native Haiti and her people. He graduated from Miami Beach Sr. High School in 2000 and joined the Navy shortly afterwards. His struggles taught him the value of hard work and earning your keep. His career is distinguished and his dedication has made him a leader and a man respected by his peers and his community. He is an Alumni of Southern Illinois University (SIU) and did his undergrad studies in Human Resource, Workforce Education and Development. He is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black belt and a career Naval Logistician. His published books include his memoir; Earth of Existence, a poetic journey of growing up in Miami, Face of Leadership, Black Children Cannot Wait, Modern Cave and the sultry Poetry Book titled Salt & Earth.


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